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TE60 Rugged PDA/mini-tablet
£ 695.00 £ 695.00 695.0 GBP
This TUFF IP66 PDA/Tablet has a 6" toughened screen and is small enough to hold in the hand but large enough to use for more detailed apps and screen-functions.
TE80 Rugged Tablet
£ 495.00 £ 495.00 495.0 GBP
A rugged yet compact Tablet with Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4G and a wealth of connectivity, suitable for many purposes. Not available with in-built Scanner.
TE100 Rugged Tablet
£ 695.00 £ 695.00 695.0 GBP
Rugged 10" tablet with toughened glass, PCAP multi-touch monitor, fast processor and multiple connectivity options.
TE100W Rugged Windows Tablet
£ 895.00 £ 895.00 895.0 GBP
A rugged 10" tablet built for running Windows operating systems. PCAP multi-touch screen, extensive connectivity and configurable options