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TE60 Rugged PDA/mini-tablet
This TUFF IP66 PDA/Tablet has a 6" toughened screen and is small enough to hold in the hand but large enough to use for more detailed apps and screen-functions.
£ 695.00 695.0 GBP
TU70 Rugged Tablet
IP67 Ultra-Rugged 7" tablet with WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual Cameras, Honeywell 2D scanner, and 4G sim slot plus multiple configurable modules.
£ 795.00 795.0 GBP
TE80 Rugged Tablet
A rugged yet compact Tablet with Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4G and a wealth of connectivity, suitable for many purposes. Not available with in-built Scanner.
£ 395.00 395.0 GBP
TP80 Rugged Tablet
The standard unit comes with an 8" hardened Pcap screen with touch capability. There are dual cameras, a Honeywell scan engine, card reader, WiFi and Bluetooth plus a slot for a 4g sim card.
£ 695.00 695.0 GBP
TE100 'Enterprise Class' Rugged IP66 Tablet
Rugged 10" tablet with toughened glass, PCAP multi-touch monitor, IP66 protection, fast processor, in-built scanner, 2 cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G sim slot and multiple connectivity options.
£ 695.00 695.0 GBP
TE100W 'Enterprise Class' Rugged IP66 Windows Tablet
A rugged 10" tablet built for running Windows operating systems. IP66, PCAP multi-touch screen, in-built scanner, 2 cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G sim slot, extensive connectivity and configurable options.
£ 895.00 895.0 GBP
TU101 'Enterprise Class' Rugged IP66 Tablet
Very rugged tablet with keypad that is equally at home being carried in its own case to site work as it is fixed to a truck-mount or as a semi-static data entry point. Built-in scanner, 2 cameras, toughened glass, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G sim slot, configurable options.
£ 875.00 875.0 GBP