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Cobalt 17" Food Grade Android PC
£ 1,340.00 £ 1,340.00 1340.0 GBP
Very Rugged IP66 Stainless Steel PC. Standard Specification: Quad core Intel processor, 4 GB Ram, 256 GB SSD. 3 x usb, 1 x network 1 x mains power. Android O/S
Cobalt 17" IP 66 Stainless Steel Windows PC
£ 1,560.00 £ 1,560.00 1560.0 GBP
Very Rugged 17" IP66 Stainless Steel (316 Grade) PC with PCAP multi-touch bright monitor, toughened glass, 4Gb RAM, 256 Gb SSD and quad core processor as base specification
Cobalt 19" or 21.5" IP66 Stainless Steel Windows PC (16:9)
£ 1,890.00 £ 1,890.00 1890.0 GBP
Very Rugged Widescreen IP66 stainless steel (316 grade) PC with a base specification of: 19" PCAP multi-touch bright screen, 4Gb RAM, 256 Gb SSD and Quad Core Processor.
Stainless Steel Stand for Cobalt PCs
£ 695.00 £ 695.00 695.0 GBP
A very robust and adjustable viewing-angle stand for the Cobalt range of stainless steel PCs. Made from 316 stainless steel with heavy-duty fixings this unit can be mobile of fixed being available with or without heavy-duty lockable wheels. Also available with keyboard tray, integrated scanner and other options. Price is for stand only.
Stainless Steel easy-fit vesa mount
£ 55.00 £ 55.00 55.0 GBP
2- part, slide-on slide-off almost flush wall mounting for all Cobalt stainless steel PCs. Made from 316 stainless steel this mount has 8 vesa holes on the PC part of the bracket - 75mm and 100mm all of which should be used to secure the unit, and 4 holes on the wall part for suitable wall anchors depending on wall type. This should always be fitted by a qualified professional as Cobalt units range from 18 to 25 Kg in weight.
Stainless Steel Bench/Table Stand for Cobalt PCs
£ 195.00 £ 195.00 195.0 GBP
Rugged 316 stainless steel desk/bench stand for all cobalt PCs