Why do I need a rugged device?  Can't I just use my mobile phone?

Why do I need a rugged device?  Can't I just use my mobile phone?

The simple answer is "Yes you can" but there are reasons why you probably shouldn't:

  • If you are scanning barcodes, then a mobile phone is completely fine if you only have a few to do a day.  The phone works by using the camera which has to focus on the barcode and then it then spends time interpreting what it's seen.  Although this can take seconds it can be infuriating getting the camera to focus itself to start with and overall takes much longer.  This process happens instantly with a purpose-built scanner so there is no delay.  (I know which one I would rather use if I had tens or hundreds of items to process.)
  • If you use your mobile phone you can't give it to someone else to use if you go home or you are off sick
  • If you use your mobile phone there is a good chance that by the time you want to make a phone call that the battery is flat
  • If you use your mobile phone, chances are you will get distracted by messages and alerts.  Yes, you can have these on the rugged device too, but they are not recommended unless it's for business use only.
  • Rugged devices come with the option of a charging cradle that can hold a second battery.  This means that downtime is minimised.
  • If you use your mobile phone, what is the cost if it malfunctions?   What does it cost to replace it or repair it?  What does it cost you in time?  With Tuff you get a return to base warranty so downtime and hassle is minimal.
  • Rugged devices are built for tough industrial environments.  Mobile phones are built for tough domestic environments.   Find more information here.

Of course, we are biased, but there is a compelling case to use a rugged device vs. a mobile phone. 

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