About us

Quality first, always

Our team have been designing, building and supplying innovative data-capture solutions and rugged PCs for over 15 years.  We have built a client base that includes some of the country's leading manufacturers by providing the best possible quality products and service from our base here in the UK.

We understand that downtime is costly and disruptive and therefore we always design from the start-point of quality and support-ability.  Our aim is to maximise up-time whilst protect your investment by providing products that can be serviced and updated here in the UK.

Our motto is 'built too fast or built to last?" and this reflects the feedback that we get from many customers who have previously purchased inferior or unsupportable products that have worked out troublesome and more costly over time.

We are well-known for our Stainless Steel PC range which we build form the ground-up and for which we have our own design resource, steel production and assembly.

What ever your need, please get in touch and we will be happy to offer guidance, advice and help on anything from standard products to a bespoke requirements.

Our Team